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Final month of maternity leave - bucket list trip!

We are back (well, have been for a week or so but been enjoying my last week off!) and had a fabulous time on our 2.5 week bucket list trip / maternity-paternity leave handover trip. It was about 6 months ago that The Husband and I started to talk about what to do for our parental leave overlap month. Australia and New Zealand were on the top of our list - but the flight time with two kids was too much for us. Canada was then next on our list and we contacted some travel agents who were going to help us book everything - but it was going to cost a small fortune that we were not comfortable to pay. This led us to another country, Portugal - Porto and the Douro valley! We ended up choosing this destination for a few reasons: First time that The Husband has been to Portugal; direct flights from Vienna; cheap; and it has been on our bucket list since he read The Cork Boat as a recommendation from the Cs. Here is a short breakdown of our trip (note: there was a lot more that we cou