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Toddler activities and what do you do with the baby?

It has been a while since writing my last blog post . Since then we have received the photos from the newborn session ( Nikki did not make the selection process easy), prepared and sent out the baby announcement card (we used Rosemood and can highly recommend them as they proof read and check layout and quality of the photos before printing) and done a few fun activities as well (Update after writing the post: we did a lot!). This week we will have survived 7 weeks as a family of four! I really can't believe it and am amazed how well we are actually doing at the moment. To wrap up some of the things that we have been doing, I thought it would be fun to share these with you and answer the question "what do you do with the baby?" This post has been inspired by the Mother-in-Law asking "Where is Magnus" when we send her photos of activities with Little K, friends who have asked "how do you manage with two?" and of course myself in thinking "how w