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Baby Cinema / Babykino

Since I went to my first baby cinema with Little K, these are the questions I've often been asked: "Cinema with a baby? How does it work? Do you watch baby movies?" As we have our next Babykino day coming up on Wednesday, I thought it was about time to let you all know how it works and why it is such a great thing that all you baby mamas and papas can even drag your friend / partner / husband or mum to! As most of my posts, this is referring to the opportunities in Vienna and I truly hope that a lot of other cities offer something similar. If they don't and you are part of a bigger baby group / network, check with your local cinema if you can "rent" out the room during the morning. This was one tactic that we tried at the Haydn Kino as they didn't offer it as an organised event, I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was to rent out a cinema. How does it work? Movies are generally shown earlier on in the day and the cinema isn't fully dark

Audrey and Rachael discover Vienna - one coffee at a time / 1020 Wien

Audrey and I met in our first baby group where Baby C and Baby K enjoyed Monday morning playdates and Tuesday morning music class together, while the mummies also got to know each other. Two kids on, we rediscovered our friendship and love for good coffee (Thanks to stalking our comments on the Facebook page Women of Vienna ). One sunny morning after kindergarten drop off, we met at a coffee place that A recommended and after having a few more coffees in the area, I came up with the great idea that we should do this across all districts and share our story. Today was our first meeting and it starts in the 2nd district! So, here we go - please join us as we take Baby A and Baby M through Vienna and discover some new places! 1020 Wien - start: 11:30 at cafe Zweisam   coffee break: 13:45 at Balthasar Kaffee Bar shoe pick up: 14:30 at Figar Bao.bun end: 15:00 Wien Mitte (technically in the 3rd but we had a nice walk there from the 2nd) Topics of conversation: VFN