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Packing the hospital bag...

Time to get ready!  Last time, my hospital bag was actually pretty well packed (even confirmed by husband)... so, what can I recommend: (note: This is based on potential 5 day stay in hospital as you never know how long you could be there / standard number of days after having a c-section in Austria. If you are planning on staying a shorter time or not being admitted to be induced / c-section then you can reduce this list) Essentials ready for the hospital bag. Bag is packed and ready in case of anything unplanned happening or for the hospital check in next week! Documents - check with the information you got from your hospital if there is anything extra you need to bring. Most likely you only need MUKI-pass and e-card as all other documents they should have already. Mutterkindpass E-card Any hospital documents / forms that you might need to bring with you Any other relevant documents depending on your insurance or from check ups since last visit at hospital

VFN Open House

(Note: this is a repost from the Vienna Family Network blog ) In one of my upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some tips for new mums. One of the biggest tips is to find your “mum tribe.” In Vienna there is the Vienna Family Network (VFN) which is a community for international parents to join. It is possible to join from any age of your child - even pre-birth! There is a rule with friends of mine that certain baby talk is confined to the baby group! With Little K, I joined the VFN about 4 months before he was born and started to meet my “mum tribe” and throughout realised how important this rule was. It felt great to be connected with other families going through the same things we were. It also helped to develop new friendships and meet some really interesting people. There were regular meet ups and we also organised things like the antenatal class, first aid course and of course group birthday celebrations. Today, as a mum-to-be again, I joined the monthly VFN Open House which

Wiener Wickelrucksack*

* changing backpack One of the benefits for having a baby in Vienna is the entitlement to the free " Wickelrucksack " which is offered to all parents by the City of Vienna (if you scroll down I've also found some interesting information on the history of the backpack which I've translated). You can pick up this backpack at any of the " Eltern-Kind-Zentrum / Familienzentrum " ( Parent-child-centers / family centers ) before or 8 weeks after delivery when you present your Mutter-Kind-Pass. These centers offer not only the free backpack but also have a lot of events / activities for expecting and new parents including baby meetups, midwife support, doctors onsite and up-to-date information and support on any questions you might have. The Husband and I went to the Familienzentrum in the 11th district after picking up our morning coffee and getting on the U3 to Enkplatz. They recently moved there and the building is a very nice and bright with an inner courty

While the cat’s away...

The weekend has come to an end and ours was very relaxed! Little K got picked up on Friday evening by Omi and Opa to enjoy a weekend in the countryside. Before that, we had a quick play in the Prater and he finally got to show us his skills on his balance bike! We bought it a year ago after a friend recommended the brand ( Laufrad in case you are interested) and he didn’t get the hang of it until now. He was very proud of himself and we both loved watching him! Little K on his bike With Monster 2 making an appearance in about four weeks, we did what every parent does on a child free weekend (yes, sarcasm) and went to Ikea! We need to buy a bigger wardrobe for them and unfortunately the Stuva setup we wanted is no longer being produced so we hoped to see the alternative but this wasn’t available yet either... Seems we will need to wait a bit longer then. It did save us some money, so I treated myself to 4eur shoes from Primark :) let’s see how long they last! My new bargain s