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Newborn photo session

Happy long weekend - hope you all enjoyed it (if you were so lucky to do so!) On Thursday Magnus had his first photo session. I was so excited to book this, that I think Nikki (the photographer) was one of the first ones who I told about the pregnancy so that we could get this booked in her calendar. She quickly accepted and we slowly started the planning for the shoot. I got to know  Nikki Harris photography when Little K was born, however we received a voucher for another photographer so I did not take the opportunity to do his newborn session with her. When he turned 6 months old, Nikki was offering a "Mini shoot" for a special offer and the photos were just spectacular. Little K at his Mini Shoot at 6 months To help you in making your decisions and getting ready for a such a photo session, here are some of my tips in selecting and preparing for your newborn photos :) Select the photographer that fits your style - it is important for you, and the photog

We made it to the other side!

All the announcements have been made and I can very happily share the exciting news that Baby Magnus Björn was born on Tuesday morning. We both came home on Friday and are doing really well! As some of you know, with Little K his birth ended up by C-section as he was just too happy in there and no amount of inducing labour could convince him otherwise. This time I had chosen to have a second C-section at Rudolfstiftung. I was admitted on Monday afternoon and told that I would be the first on Tuesday to have the surgery. The Husband dropped me off, a friend came to visit with snacks and then I got settled for the stay. It was strange being back in the same hospital, but I have nothing but positive comments about the Rudolfstiftung (even with the construction work going on at the moment). I'll spare you the details, but for those with some curiosity about C-sections (this might be a lot more positive than some experiences that others have had) - they bring you into the delivery r