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Summer holidays - part 2 (to the mountains - how to survive a trip with friends)

Before I get started - a quick shout out to Michael W who isn't "part of my target group" but still reads my blog :)  For some time there was a general mention with two friends of ours to organise a trip together over the summer holiday. After we booked our UK trip, the Husband and I decided that we would need one more relaxing trip to the mountains here. He agreed that I could check if our friends were still interested to join us. We had found a lovely looking chalet resort by Kreischber g and there was still lots of flexibility to find a place that could house either the four of us or the ten of us! After some discussions with their husbands - it was all booked and we were ready to spend a week together at the end of August. We booked a lovely five bedroom chalet with a big window front and spent some time the days before on whatsapp figuring out the shopping and activities for the kids (dolls house) and adults (rummikub) we wanted to bring. The main benefit of us a

Summer holidays - we survived! (Part 1)

Today was the first day back at kindergarten for Little K , which means that summer holiday time is over! (Disclaimer on this statement: first day back actually only meant that he stayed half the day as we were off for three weeks and he was not in the mood to go to kindergarten instead of staying at home with "mama mama mama mama mama mama mama"). Travelling with a toddler and baby was an exhausting venture but we fortunately survived, so what did we get up the past weeks and how did we survive? Trip one (note the use of the word trip and not vacation - for a fun read on this topic ->read this article ):  Flight to the UK and my brother's wedding! Little K ready for takeoff The logistics for this trip were a big concern. Some of the things we had to figure out were - how do we bring two car seats with all our luggage? Which pram do we bring? How big of a car do we need to rent? What about the size of the suitcase? So many questions going through our minds!