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Audrey and Rachael discover Vienna - one coffee at a time / 1080 Wien

After a great trip to the 2nd district, we spontaneously decided to visit the 8th district this week. A plan on where to go was made during one of the early morning feeds (I think it was at 2am that the idea came to my mind?!) Our plan for the 8th This week Baby A and Baby M were joined by Audrey's friend (Gabrielle) who is visiting from Canada - and she definitely helped to up our caffeine game, was such an amazing help in just taking the babies when we dumped them on her and she did great in dealing with the "mummy talk" and quickly got on board (quote to prove this: R "But where would we put the Wobble board?" Gabrielle "In the giant tent in your living room!"). She also gets bonus points for laughing at my joke about Baby A getting louder which the musician didn't get / listen to properly. Thank you for joining us!! 1080 Wien - start: 09:30 at  Villa Klein shopping break: 11:20 at Spielwaren Heinz coffee break: 11:45 at  Kaffeem