Toddler activities and what do you do with the baby?

It has been a while since writing my last blog post. Since then we have received the photos from the newborn session (Nikki did not make the selection process easy), prepared and sent out the baby announcement card (we used Rosemood and can highly recommend them as they proof read and check layout and quality of the photos before printing) and done a few fun activities as well (Update after writing the post: we did a lot!).

This week we will have survived 7 weeks as a family of four! I really can't believe it and am amazed how well we are actually doing at the moment. To wrap up some of the things that we have been doing, I thought it would be fun to share these with you and answer the question "what do you do with the baby?" This post has been inspired by the Mother-in-Law asking "Where is Magnus" when we send her photos of activities with Little K, friends who have asked "how do you manage with two?" and of course myself in thinking "how will we do this? What can I do with Little K to make him still feel special?"
Spoiler alert - Baby M mostly slept and fed!

Play with Paint

Where did we do it? CommonRoom with Carina
What did Little K do? Had the chance to play with lots of different painting tools, play dough and blue / red / yellow paint - and go crazy and paint all over the walls and floor!
What did Baby M do? Slept in the pram (they have lots of space and are so lovely with babies), had a feed and kicked about on the sofa
Play with Paint session at Commonroom

Therme day

Where did we do it? Therme Wien
What did Little K do? Went down the slide in the outdoor kiddy pool, had a lot of fun in the indoor kiddy pool and went down the slides (indoor and outdoor) numerous time! He actually even had a nap on these small "beds" that are available for children.
What did Baby M do? Slept a lot, fed and had some awake time with The Husband - we took it in shifts to look after M and play with K.
Our tips: They have prams that you can borrow to move around and also ask for a locker in the "family area" which is an enclosed room where you can easily get changed and have the kids not running about or disturbing too many others.

Kids pool at Therme Wien (photo courtesy of


Where did we do it? Donauinsel - remember this for next year - and afterwards the playground Handelskai (near U6 Donaupromenade)
What did Little K do? Explored how Wiener Wasser worked, watched a video about the MA48 (city waste management, street cleaning and fleet), sat in car and motorcycle, explored a fire truck, went on a roundabout, jumped in a bouncy castle and played with play dough - lots of activities for kids to do!
What did Baby M do? Slept in the pram, fed, slept...

MA48 area at the Donauinselfest

Park visits on weekends and after kindergarten pickup

Where did we do it? Prater, Stadtpark, Schweizergarten, Czapkapark...
What did Little K do? Played in the sand pit, slides, climbed up stuff and got as wet as possible at any opportunity - puddles were a big highlight!
What did Baby M do? A few lucky Sunday mornings Wiener Mummy and M got to stay at home in bed, walks with The Husband, slept in the carrier or pram and fed...

Paper boats in Stadtpark puddles

Water playground (really one of our favourite places to go)

Where did we do it? Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel
What did Little K do? Play with water :)
What did Baby M do? Slept in pram or on the picnic blanket, got cuddles from friends and fed

Water fun at the Wasserspielplatz


Where did we do it? Hermann Strandbar
What did Little K do? Waited patiently for the show to start, watched most of the Kasperl on the kid sized beach loungers, played in the sand and enjoyed hiding underneath the stage :)
What did Baby M do? Slept, had some daddy cuddles and fed...
Note: This is held on dry Saturday mornings at 11:00 and we recommend showing up around 10:00 to reserve a seat and get settled with a coffee. There is a breakfast buffet available. They start again after the World Cup has finished.

Kasperl at Hermann Strandbar


Where did we do it? Tiergarten Schonbrunn
What did Little K do? Got wet while watching the sea lions being fed, climbed in the house where the wolves are, climbed (up) the slide, bought honey gummy bears and shared them with his friends, ate some food, got himself and V entirely wet playing in a water trough, finally had a nap in his pram!
What did Baby M do? Slept, got cuddles from friends, fed, got a bit wet when his big brother was splashing about
Our tips: instead of going to the big playground, take the route up to the Tirolerhaus and enjoy the playground by the wolves. The cafe inside the Tirolerhaus had lovely bread snacks and coffee (where you can choose from cow, sheep or goat milk!)

Little K having fun at the zoo


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