Audrey and Rachael discover Vienna - one coffee at a time / 1080 Wien

After a great trip to the 2nd district, we spontaneously decided to visit the 8th district this week. A plan on where to go was made during one of the early morning feeds (I think it was at 2am that the idea came to my mind?!)

Our plan for the 8th
This week Baby A and Baby M were joined by Audrey's friend (Gabrielle) who is visiting from Canada - and she definitely helped to up our caffeine game, was such an amazing help in just taking the babies when we dumped them on her and she did great in dealing with the "mummy talk" and quickly got on board (quote to prove this: R "But where would we put the Wobble board?" Gabrielle "In the giant tent in your living room!"). She also gets bonus points for laughing at my joke about Baby A getting louder which the musician didn't get / listen to properly. Thank you for joining us!!

1080 Wien -
start: 09:30 at Villa Klein
shopping break: 11:20 at Spielwaren Heinz
coffee break: 11:45 at Kaffeemodul
Cake boost: 12:30 at Viola Wien
end: 13:30

Topics of conversation:

  • If it is worth to spend a lot of money on a holiday to Canada for a month or do another dream trip of ours to the Douro Valley (surprisingly - more votes to Douro than Canada!)
  • Difference between a flat white / melange / cappuccino
  • Buying Christmas presents for yourselves early and not opening them - but having them stare you in the face
  • Filter coffee - the new trendy coffee
  • Rachael's consistent hunt on a new coffee machine (and always deciding she won't get one)
  • Childcare costs
  • Montessori childcare - and the thinly veiled "montessori" excuse for some lazy parenting activities (e.g. use tongs to separate types of dried beans) to keep the kids distracted while you need time to cook
  • When it is appropriate to start drinking gin... we agreed it was after 11
  • ..
Quote of the afternoon:
"Where am I going to put it?" "In your giant tent!"

Villa Klein
I have been to this cafe once before and it is very cosy. Their breakfasts are very nice and they include a coffee and a small juice which is great! It was decided to start our trip here as they have a small "Spielecke" which was going to be handy for Baby A when he woke up to have some entertainment - although the toys were not as interesting as the little lights in the window. 
They have a few tables to sit at, some comfy chairs to relax in and even a little fireplace! The ladies are very helpful with bringing the prams into the cafe and always checked if we needed anything. There is a nice mix of breakfast selections (and I even noted piadinas on the last page!) and are great to share with a baby who has started to eat. The play area is rather small and is more a little table for one kid to sit at and some books, cuddly toys and a few other things but it is better than nothing!

Baby A and Baby M had fun playing together

Our breakfasts...

Look how lovely they serve their coffee!
 Baby / Child friendly review for Villa Klein:
  • Space for prams - yes, but not for too many
  • High chair - yes
  • Changing table - yes, although there is no permanent space for it in the toilet but they will put one up for you quickly if you ask
  • Can tolerate babyledweaning mess - probably, although we didn't really test it as Audrey wanted her breakfast to herself
It turns out that both of us have visited this place before, but really liked their flat whites so agreed that we could still go there! The place is very small and we were happy to enjoy our coffees outside but then the couple of customers left and it was nice to drink our coffees in the warmth. Fortunately we were alone (although if some others would have come in we would have left or made space), as Baby A and then also Baby M got pretty loud. We had to make a quick exit which I think they appreciated :)
The coffee is fantastic and it is always nice to look at the fancy coffee making devices. Worth a stop if you are walking by.

Flat white love from these three girls!
Baby / Child friendly review for Kaffeemodul:
  • Space for prams - sort of, if it is empty you can get away with it
  • High chair - no
  • Changing table - no (I'm not even sure where the staff go to pee!)
  • Can tolerate babyledweaning mess - doubtful!
This place popped up in one of my email subscriptions (stadtbekannt) and was quickly sent to Audrey as a place that we should try when we visit the 8th - yes, the pictures of the cakes did it for us :) This was also the reason we changed from coming here for breakfast for cake later on.
It pleasantly surprised us with a few things: there is a nice big back area, comfy chairs and sofas, big toilets with space for pram and changing table and they had the nice St Charles cosmothecary soap to use! Unfortunately the two mums decided they needed a coffee break so ordered an ice tea and a lemonade but G took one for the coffee team and had a melange. There was a cocktail with their homemade ice tea and gin which sounded really interesting, I was pretty sceptical about this but after tasting their ice tea - I think it would be awesome. Their sacher slice and cremeschnitte were a delight! Not too sweet but definitely gave us the needed boost to slowly get ready and pick up our bigger kids.
The smell coming from the kitchen sounded great, so a savoury visit would be justified at some other point.


Depending if you want to sit or stand, you can choose your toilet!
 Baby / Child friendly review for Viola Wien:
  • Space for prams - yes, head to the back area
  • High chair - yes
  • Changing table - yes!
  • Can tolerate babyledweaning mess - I think so... 
It was great to be back in the first district that I called home - and lovely to have company and we have a few more "guests" planned!


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