Last day at work...

...maybe not...

One of the greatest benefits* of being pregnant in Austria is the “Mutterschutz” period, for 8 weeks before and after (12 weeks if you have a C-Section) due date you are not allowed to work! Mine officially starts on March 20, but I was lucky to still have plenty of vacation days to use, so the next week and a half are holiday time!
Perfect plan right! Yes, a few of you know... plans never work! Sadly we did not find a replacement for my position in time, but at the last minute we do have a pretty good solution in place. However, this means a few more afternoons to come in. Bonus though - don’t need to say bye bye to colleagues yet :)

In other news, the cold has left Vienna and we can finally enjoy some warmth and sun! Looking forward to enjoying time in the parks again.

Thanks for all the nice feedback on this blog - looking forward to continuing this journey. If you have any ideas for topics let me know.

*more great benefits include:
- being allowed to have a quiet area to rest during work time if you get tired
- long parental leave that you can divide amongst partners
- having an extra excuse to eat ice cream
-... more to come :)


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