Maternity leave begins!

Time to relax and get ready for Bubbles (= project nickname in case you didn’t know).

So, what am I doing on my first day? We woke up and had coffee, milk and cuddles in bed with Little K - these moments without rush or stress just need to be enjoyed. Then we got ready, he chose a weather appropriate outfit of tights, short sleeved body and thick winter jumper! He’s obviously as confused by this rapid weather change as we all are.
Husband got to drive “Annie” to work so we waved bye bye and had a lovely walk to Kindergarten where he was “chatting” away. We had some drama with our Kindergarten last year, but we are so happy with the new place. Confirmed that on Wednesday K can celebrate his birthday there so we need to buy a Guglhupf and some candles!

There are still two more check ups for my Mutter-Kind-Pass, today is one of them. Before going to my gynocologist and say “hey there baby!” enjoyed a nice breakfast at the Anker cafe on Landstraße Hauptstraße in the 3rd. It was a bit much, but at least K can have leftovers for dinner :)

Then we shall see, maybe meet husband for lunch and find a little birthday present for the K.

Our week ahead:

Expect some more posts coming this week!

Amelie Frühstück at Anker


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