Shake Baby Shake - baby disco in Vienna

Today we tried something new - our first baby disco!

Shake Baby Shake
To celebrate Little K's baby group turning 2, we agreed to meet up at the WUK and join the baby disco "Shake Baby Shake!" entry was 7EUR and included a glass of orange juice, prosecco or a mix of the two. It was a very easy location to reach and has been a venue that I have always wanted to visit. Upon entering the red brick building, you go inside and are met with a lovely big pram storage area. Make sure you take everything with you as then you need to head upstairs where you can leave your coats and get ready to party!

Entrance of the WUK

Pram parking at the bottom

We arrived rather punctually at 15:00 and it was not so busy. The event was sold out online (40 tickets were sold) but they were still offering tickets at the door (30) so a few showed up early to try and get in. After picking up my bellini and seeing another friend there we started to explore what the place had to offer us and the kids!

Heading up the stairs to party!
Yes, Little K - that is the DJ

The layout was great, there were two rooms with tables and chairs to sit and drink at, one had a coffee corner with a very nice chocolate cake and various drinks (including more prosecco and also beer and soft drinks). Past the entrance, they also set up a room with changing mat and also a "quiet" area with a sofa. The two main rooms were the disco room and the playroom (you had to take your shoes off to get in here).

The disco room was set up with a disco ball, lights and the DJ played really great hits that were mostly for the adults. The sound wasn't so loud so it was very comfortable for the children. As the time passed, more toys were moved from the playroom into there. Luckily for Little K, after waiting an hour for the "choo choo" to become free, he saw it across the dance floor, made his move and together they twirled around the dance floor.

Little K and his "choo choo"

Opposite the disco room was the playroom and this was set up with lots of different play areas. There were sofas and lots of fatboys / bean bags around to sit on. In two corners they had boxes with books to read (for different ages), there was a little climbing frame with a slide, building blocks and a ball pit.
At the start it was very nice and quiet, which was great to get some photos to share here, but around 16:00-17:00 it did get very busy and crowded in the playroom which was a bit much for some of the kids. It seemed like a few people left around this time as it did start to feel more calm around 17:00.

We had a great time and would definitely go to the next one (October 7)! Bring some good nerves and cash for a few drinks and cake and that should get you through. There were children there from babies until about 6 or so... It was really nice to see some of the older siblings taking their younger ones to the dance floor. I'm glad that we got to experience something new - so thank you VFN March / April 2016 group! You guys have been my key to survival the past years and it is so always a pleasure hanging out with you (although chasing after Little K to get to the bike or other toys meant we didn't have much time to talk...)

Sofa with baby mat and books

More books and sitting area

Soft slides to climb up and go down

Climbing and slide


Happy Wiener Mummy and Little K

See you at the next one?

More about WUK - English / German


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