VFN Open House

(Note: this is a repost from the Vienna Family Network blog)

In one of my upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some tips for new mums. One of the biggest tips is to find your “mum tribe.” In Vienna there is the Vienna Family Network (VFN) which is a community for international parents to join. It is possible to join from any age of your child - even pre-birth!

There is a rule with friends of mine that certain baby talk is confined to the baby group! With Little K, I joined the VFN about 4 months before he was born and started to meet my “mum tribe” and throughout realised how important this rule was. It felt great to be connected with other families going through the same things we were. It also helped to develop new friendships and meet some really interesting people. There were regular meet ups and we also organised things like the antenatal class, first aid course and of course group birthday celebrations.

Today, as a mum-to-be again, I joined the monthly VFN Open House which is on the first Thursday of the month. About ten parents showed up to get to know more about the VFN and how it works. There was a mixed group of people there - some still pregnant, one had a 2 month old, 2+ year olds and even older! A few of the older children were able to enjoy the play area and sometimes joined for some snacks. It was also great to see a dad there who is currently taking advantage of the great paternity leave in Austria. We shared our backgrounds, current family situation and also some tips on surviving parent life in Vienna. It was such a nice opportunity to meet some new faces and see that spark behind the eyes of some when they realised "this, is what I've been looking for!" Looking forward to having some new members to the Network and also one in my new baby group - May / June 2018.

The next Open House is on 3 May from 10:00-12:00 at a new location - please join if you would like to hear more and get to know some new people. Or just sign up and start meeting with your group!


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