While the cat’s away...

The weekend has come to an end and ours was very relaxed! Little K got picked up on Friday evening by Omi and Opa to enjoy a weekend in the countryside. Before that, we had a quick play in the Prater and he finally got to show us his skills on his balance bike! We bought it a year ago after a friend recommended the brand (Laufrad in case you are interested) and he didn’t get the hang of it until now. He was very proud of himself and we both loved watching him!
Little K on his bike

With Monster 2 making an appearance in about four weeks, we did what every parent does on a child free weekend (yes, sarcasm) and went to Ikea! We need to buy a bigger wardrobe for them and unfortunately the Stuva setup we wanted is no longer being produced so we hoped to see the alternative but this wasn’t available yet either... Seems we will need to wait a bit longer then. It did save us some money, so I treated myself to 4eur shoes from Primark :) let’s see how long they last!

My new bargain shoes, ready to hit the sandpits!

Over coffee in the sun (yay!) we made plans for spontaneous dinner with friends at one of our favourite Indian places - Nam Nam.

On Sunday, I actually slept in until 10:30 which was a lovely treat! After taking some time to decide what to do we took our other “kids” Annie and Auggie for a drive to Seestadt. This is an entirely new part of the city and is very cute with lots of green areas and even a lake "See" where you could go swimming. The Husband has made a previous drive out and I’ve only seen it in full construction mode with cranes. It was rather surreal driving in and around the place. There is nothing and then a whole area of very modern apartment buildings. As a friend commented on my Facebook post “much like Pleasantville.” We stopped at a lovely cafe/bakery Leo and enjoyed a Häferlcafe and flammkuchen and then drove back into the city for an ice cream before Little K returned home.

Coffee at Leo in Seestad

Ice cream at Veganista

Little K had a great time in sunny garden and it was nice to get some cuddles when he came home... there were a few tantrums so we are rather certain he used up all his best behaviour for Omi and Opa.

Another week over, one week closer to Monster 2 arriving! Tomorrow is final check up at gynocologist before I’m officially “handed over” to the hospital for next steps. Some nice stuff planned and then on Friday the girls are flying over for a weekend of fun! Really looking forward to that and booked my first Secret Vienna walking tour which should be pretty good.

Stay tuned, hope you had a nice weekend and have some fun things planned this week too!


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