Newborn photo session

Happy long weekend - hope you all enjoyed it (if you were so lucky to do so!)

On Thursday Magnus had his first photo session. I was so excited to book this, that I think Nikki (the photographer) was one of the first ones who I told about the pregnancy so that we could get this booked in her calendar. She quickly accepted and we slowly started the planning for the shoot.

I got to know Nikki Harris photography when Little K was born, however we received a voucher for another photographer so I did not take the opportunity to do his newborn session with her. When he turned 6 months old, Nikki was offering a "Mini shoot" for a special offer and the photos were just spectacular.

Little K at his Mini Shoot at 6 months

To help you in making your decisions and getting ready for a such a photo session, here are some of my tips in selecting and preparing for your newborn photos :)

Select the photographer that fits your style - it is important for you, and the photographer, that you both match in your ideas about what you are expecting, how and where the session will be done, the style of the photos and also the look and feel. There are numerous photographers that specialise in this type of photography so take a look at their pages to see what they do or ask friends for recommendations. Then, take the time to contact the photographer to find out more about their method.

Set your own expectations on why you want this - I'm pretty selfish about a lot of things, and this was one of those. I clearly knew that these photos and this time is something that was important for me and I explained this to the Husband and his role (which was mainly to support on the day and keep an eye on Little K). This also comes up when you look at the price of such sessions, they can be expensive but was an investment that I was willing to make.

Outfits and styling - a few weeks before the session, I got further information about what colours and style of clothes that we should wear (for Little K - khaki, grey or light denim non-dress pants/jeans and any neutral & light-coloured shirts/t-shirt / for myself - Nikki has dresses available but as I was wearing a nice grey jumper we actually just did the session in that). In addition, I booked myself in for a hair style so that I didn't need to worry about that but did my own makeup. If you have time, of course you can splurge on getting someone to come by and do your makeup and get a nice manicure done as well.

On the day - make sure you have plenty of time to feed baby and arrive with little stress! Of course, we missed a tram and had to wait for the bus so were about 20minutes late. I let Nikki know and the benefit of choosing her, and not just booking a one hour slot, was that she had planned plenty of time so that us being late was not a problem. We got settled and my clothes were approved, we did another quick feed so that Baby M was nice and full and ready to get started. The room was very warm so that he could just be in his nappy and swaddled and she played background white noise to keep him calm as well. We then quickly got started and spent about 2-3 hours taking various photos and tried to even get Little K involved.

Little K was allowed to be Assistant Photographer

A behind the scenes look at some of the set up

Be patient - now we just have to wait for the photos! After the session we had a quick look through some of the photos, and I do not envy her position in trying to narrow them all down into a few for us to further select. When she is ready, we will get a link to review the top ones we want. I'm very excited and looking forward to seeing how it turned out.

Can I recommend a newborn session? Absolutely! Two years later, I still love looking back at the photos of Little K and having some professionally done ones does make a difference to the ones you take with your phone. Also, you are in them too and look great even though it is only a week after you had a baby! Do have a look around for photographers, but I can highly recommend Nikki - she made me feel very comfortable and I love talking to her. Want to know an interesting fact? A few years ago I even interviewed her for a job! I found this out when we met her on the same flight to Manchester last October - Vienna is truly a village!

To discover more about Nikki Harris:


  1. Very informative and nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Reflecting on the Newborn photo session, I'm profoundly touched by how it encapsulated the purest joys of parenthood's dawn.


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