We made it to the other side!

All the announcements have been made and I can very happily share the exciting news that Baby Magnus Björn was born on Tuesday morning. We both came home on Friday and are doing really well!

As some of you know, with Little K his birth ended up by C-section as he was just too happy in there and no amount of inducing labour could convince him otherwise. This time I had chosen to have a second C-section at Rudolfstiftung. I was admitted on Monday afternoon and told that I would be the first on Tuesday to have the surgery. The Husband dropped me off, a friend came to visit with snacks and then I got settled for the stay. It was strange being back in the same hospital, but I have nothing but positive comments about the Rudolfstiftung (even with the construction work going on at the moment).

I'll spare you the details, but for those with some curiosity about C-sections (this might be a lot more positive than some experiences that others have had) - they bring you into the delivery room and attach you to the CTG to check that everything is ok. This time the surgeons and anaesthesiologist came in to introduce themselves and we checked that they had all eaten breakfast and were in a good mood! Unfortunately the Husband couldn't join us this time as we were in the smaller operating room so we had the "mandatory" kiss and off I was taken to the OR and he waited in the room until baby was delivered and brought to him for some bonding. The whole operating team were in such a good mood, we were laughing and talking while they got me prepped and ready. With the epidural, you cannot feel anything but you definitely can feel them tugging and pulling about. As they got ready to bring out the baby, they really had to push on my stomach to get him out - this did feel very uncomfortable and was probably the worst part of the surgery. Within minutes Baby M was born and I got to meet him and his great head of hair. They took him away to get checked and cleaned up and the Husband got to cut a bit of the cord :)
It amazes me how quickly the surgery is over (about one hour) and then I was taken to the recovery room for them to keep an eye on me while the anaesthesia wore off and was then reunited with the Husband and Baby M. The nurses were so great then to always come and check on us and I also got the awesome sippy cups!

Recovering nicely in the hospital

So, yeah the surgery went great - but the first day of recovery is so sore and uncomfortable!!! I was very happy with my decision about a C-section until I remembered how horrible that day was. Luckily by the next day I was up and walking and each day there was more progress.

If you have any questions about this topic,  just send me a message and I'll happily share anything further about that or how things were at Rudolfstiftung. I don't want to bore you all too much on this topic... Now that we are "on the other side" we are back to completing the bureaucracy that is needed and as promised will share some information on that in some upcoming posts.

The next days I'll still be keeping it easy and then I can share some of our fun adventures with you! We also have our newborn photo session with the lovely Nikki Harris on Thursday - I'm really looking forward to that so will also prepare a post on this.

Coming home - welcome teeny tiny Baby M!


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