Baby Cinema / Babykino

Since I went to my first baby cinema with Little K, these are the questions I've often been asked: "Cinema with a baby? How does it work? Do you watch baby movies?"
As we have our next Babykino day coming up on Wednesday, I thought it was about time to let you all know how it works and why it is such a great thing that all you baby mamas and papas can even drag your friend / partner / husband or mum to!

As most of my posts, this is referring to the opportunities in Vienna and I truly hope that a lot of other cities offer something similar. If they don't and you are part of a bigger baby group / network, check with your local cinema if you can "rent" out the room during the morning. This was one tactic that we tried at the Haydn Kino as they didn't offer it as an organised event, I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was to rent out a cinema.

How does it work?
Movies are generally shown earlier on in the day and the cinema isn't fully dark and the sound isn't as loud. This makes for a pretty calm environment for the babies and the mums (i.e. you can look in your bag or find anything you might need for yourself or to calm your baby). The cinemas often have extra items such as changing table or bottle / food warmers ready to use as well. I've had the feeling that staff are also a bit more helpful on these days too. The added benefit of the Votivkino is that if your baby arrives asleep in their pram - the ladies there will watch your baby and come get you if they wake up!

What movies do you watch?
No, it is not baby or kiddie movies! It does depend on the cinema and what they typically offer. Votivkino has more arthouse movies and Lugner or Haydn offer more blockbuster movies (such as Avengers, Oceans 8, Mama Mia 2, Crazy Rich Asians...). See, if you can't get out in the evening to go to the cinema - then this is a good chance for a "date movie" and then go for lunch instead or a brunch before.

Who can go?
It is primarily targeted at parents with babies (max 12 months old as then movie ratings officially apply), but of course others would be welcome too. Last week we did a "family" trip where the Husband and my mum came. If a friend is off, it is also a nice opportunity to have a movie date with them. So, as long as you can deal with the potential baby crying or mum walking about with their kid - then feel free to join.

Any rules?
The only rule to follow is that if your baby really starts to scream, be considerate to the others and step outside for a few minutes. Otherwise, be helpful to the other mums if they need a helping hand!

To get a bit more of an insight, here are some photos that we took at the Lugner Kino last week.
Lugner Lounge - pick up tickets and relax before the start

Toilet has a changing table set up (side benefit - toilets big enough to bring in a pram)

VIP area reserved just for us

Plenty of space to put your drinks and prepare a space for baby to crawl on the floor if needed

Hope to see some of you there on Wednesday to watch Crazy Rich Asians!
Wiener Mummy and Baby M ready for the movie!
Babykino locations in Vienna:
Votivkino - website in German, but shows movie in OV
Lugner Kino - shows movies in English (upon request) and German
Haydn Kino - booking upon request


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